tree-rootWhen homeowners or businesses need certified tree care in the Austin, Georgetown areas, they turn to Arbor Oaks Tree Professionals. Since 2008, our team of experts has been hard at work, providing all the services needed to keep trees healthy and thriving. Because for us, it’s more than a serviceit’s a passion.

From Tree Pruning to Removal, We’re a Cut Above the Rest

Trees are a living, breathing source of beauty, which means they need more than the occasional tree pruning to stay healthy. Disease, pests and weather can threaten their lifespan if you don’t provide the care they need. Whether it’s tree trimming, tree removal or new plantings, Arbor Oaks’ certified tree care experts can handle the job with efficiency and skill.

We’re here to help no matter what your property requires. Perhaps you need a stump grinder  to make room for construction on your property. Or maybe your commercial land requires tree assessments and inventory. Our licensed and trained tree specialists will help you decide the next steps, whether that’s a regular maintenance plan or a more comprehensive project.

We’ll protect your trees’ health and property’s longevity for now and years to come.

Our portfolio of certified tree care services includes:

Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal

Stump Grinder / Removal Services

Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming

Land Clearing

If you’d like to see why so many homeowners and companies choose Arbor Oaks, call our tree professionals today at (512) 240-6047. We are the certified tree care experts you can count on.