tree-stump-removalNot sure what to do with that tree stump on your property? Pick up the phone and call the most trusted stump removal service in the Austin and Georgetown areas. Not only are they unsightly, they can become a big problem if not addressed immediately. That’s what Arbor Oaks Tree Professionals’ tree grinding service is here for.

Trying to grind a tree stump yourself is dangerous when you don’t have the proper industrial equipment. Attempting to blast or dig up a stump can cause significant damage to your property. Leave tree stump removal to the experts.

The Only Stump Removal Company to Call in Central Texas

If you don’t work with a professional stump removal company, the stump will likely continue to grow, posing many risks. Dead tree roots can grow into water pipes, continue to grow above ground, and cause problems with fencing and cracking cement. If you plan on doing any construction, this structural damage could force you to perform tree stump removal before installing concrete slabs or landscaping.

Avoid that effort and expense by hiring the most renowned tree grinding service in in Austin, Georgetown and the surrounding areas. Our experts use the latest equipment and technology to ensure the safest, most effective result. With specialized cutting machinery, we grind and mulch the stump into small chips, which you can receive for your personal use. We can also remove large roots (surface roots) that surround the stump, which may also be unattractive.

Tree Stump Removal Company with Tree Grinding Service

Don’t let that dead tree ruin the health and beauty of your property. See what our tree stump removal company can do today. Call us at 512-240-6047 for a free estimate.