tree-manTrees provide beautiful scenery and shade, but they can also pose problems. It’s not always the thing you want to do, but sometimes you need to hire a tree removal service. The specialists at Arbor Oaks know it’s time for removing a dead tree, and we’re especially knowledgeable when it comes to hazardous, big tree removal.

If you’re looking for tree removal services that Austin and Georgetown rely on, it’s time to call us. We know that the removal of trees requires a deep knowledge of the tree species and local area, and we can handle it safely and efficiently.

Live and Fallen Tree Removal

If you’re wondering about a dangerous-looking tree or fallen tree removal, you should know the signs. Here are some situations when you should call a tree removal service.

Signs You Need Removal of a Trees

  • Is 50 percent or more of the tree damaged? Then it should be eliminated. Dead or dying trees can be very hazardous because insects’ disease can spread to surrounding trees, weakened limbs and roots can cause the tree to become brittle and break, falling debris, as well as the tree itself, pose danger to structures and people. Removing a dead tree can prevent this.
  • Is your tree under power lines? Trees should grow no larger than 25 feet underneath power lines. This is a hazardous situation for the entire area.
  • Do any of your trees have shallow root stems or epicormic shoots (small branches that grow from the trunk)? These shoots are a sign that a tree was traumatized in some way. This can happen from overexposure to heat or severe damage during construction. Both of these situations will result in the tree falling on its own eventually. This is a common reason for fallen tree removal.
  • Do you find the tree undesirable? Some trees you want to keep, because of the species, while others grow like weeds or drop a lot of debris and are a pain to maintain.
  • Do you notice trunk damage? Dead branches (especially only on one side) or leaning trees, are a sign that your tree is sick and will eventually need to be removed.

Trusted Tree Removal Services for Austin, Georgetown & Beyond

Since 2008, Arbor Oaks tree removal service has helped homeowners and businesses all Austin and Georgetown areas keep their properties looking beautiful and healthy. Isn’t it time you did too? If you’re interested in big tree removal, dead tree removal or just have general tree questions, call Arbor Oaks Tree Professionals today at 512-240-6047.