We all love the shade and beauty that trees provide, but do tree roots under house foundation pose a risk to your home or your family? When it comes to tree roots, the experts at Arbor Oaks Tree Professionals are knowledgeable and proactive. We can analyze your property, identify the risks, and help you prevent problems down the road.

Think You Need Tree Root Treatment or Removal? Let the Pros Assess.

If you’ve noticed foundation damage and suspect tree roots, soil changes or concrete settling, you may require tree root treatment or removal. Many homeowners worry that the tree roots under house foundation are the cause of the damage, but that’s not always the case. Our experts can assess whether a poorly insulated basement, garden or drainage pipes are to blame.

On the other hand, we may find that soil made up of loose dirt and rocks has shifted and become displaced, allowing tree roots to move through it more easily. Our certified arborists can identify the type of soil your home is sitting on to help ascertain the level of damage that tree roots could cause and provide the right treatment.

If our soil analysis shows that roots are a major threat to your home, you may require tree removal services. This, however, is always the last solution to a potential root problem.

Call the Tree Roots Pros

If you’re concerned about your house foundation and think you may need tree removal services or treatment, don’t risk waiting. Call Arbor Oaks Tree Professionals at 512-240-6047 to set up a consultation.