Trees may be rooted into the ground but that doesn’t mean they’re unmovable. You may consider tree relocation services if yours has outgrown your landscape or if you’d just prefer a different species. If you’re thinking about moving trees, our certified arborists work will work with you to transplant them so that they continue to thrive for years to come.

When to Call Arbor Oaks for Tree Transplanting Services

Just like pruning, the best time for tree transplanting services is when your tree is dormant in fall or spring. If you’re considering moving trees in fall, our team would want to transplant before the first frost. If it’s springtime, you’ll need to have it done before the tree starts to sprout.

As your tree transplanter, we make sure the tree is dormant, so it’s not as affected by the disruptive process. Because the tree has already lost its fruit and leaves, it won’t rely so much on its water source. Plus, moving trees when they’re formant will give them the time they need for the roots to take hold and take in sufficient nutrients before the next growing season.

The Top Tree Transplanter in Texas

When you need the expertise of a tree transplanter, you need Arbor Oaks Tree Professionals. We’ll:

  • Customize the right schedule and budget for your tree transplanting services
  • Make sure your tree is well hydrated to prepare for the disruption to the root system
  • Tie up the crown to reduce limb breakage during the move
  • Wrap the tree in a tarp to reduce wind damage moisture loss
  • Water the tree immediately after transplanting

If you’d like to ensure safe and effective tree relocation services, call Arbor Oaks at 512-240-6047 for a free estimate.