Tree Care Checklist

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It’s finally fall, but it will soon be winter, and before you know it, spring will arrive with longer days and hotter temperatures. It’s never too early to start planning your spring tree service, and why not use this handy tree care checklist to make it easier?

Spring Tree Service To-Dos

Schedule an inspection with a tree specialist

The first step on your tree care checklist should be to meet with a professional. Your tree expert will help you determine the level of spring tree service and maintenance required for your trees before taking any action.

Consider tree transplanting

Problems that may have developed over the winter such as storm damage, pest infestations or aging issues may demand tree transplanting, or this may just be a part of your standard care. The recommended time for moving trees and shrubs is during the dormant season, but early spring is generally the best time to transplant because it induces rapid root growth.

Get ready to prune

If you notice any damaged branches or other issues, be sure to act by pruning. You shouldn’t wait for spring tree service to prune your healthy branches, but any sustained damaged can be cut away when spring arrives. Plus, removing old growth will trigger new growth, helping your trees and shrubs remain healthy throughout the year.

Remember to mulch

High-quality mulch is essential to your tree care checklist, as spreading it helps to limit weeds, hold moisture, regulate soil temperature, and provide essential nutrients and water. You may need to reapply your mulch in spring, but your tree specialist will help you determine this.

Find the fertilizer

Winter may be tough on your trees, shrubs and plants, so they’re going to need extra nutrition come spring. Slow-realizing fertilizers are just what your trees need to thrive during growing season, also serving to fight risks of damage, disease and death.

Contact Your Tree Specialist Today

This tree care checklist is an excellent place to start when planning your spring tree service, but a tree specialist can guide you better. Bring them in for an assessment, and your property will look healthy and beautiful year-round.