When pruning just isn’t enough to protect the health of your trees, Arbor Oaks has the tree support you need. Our certified arborists will identify weaknesses, and use tree cabling or tree bracing services to secure and revive the trees that need some extra love and care.

Why Might You Need Tree Cabling Systems or Bracing?

Sometimes mature trees can no longer support their own weight. Horizontal limbs get heavy, making them vulnerable to cracks, disease, decay and storm damage. Although pruning can lighten the load to an extent, it isn’t always the solution to restoring the structural integrity. Without the proper tree support, that beautiful old tree becomes a hazard to your property.

If our tree experts believe your branches could fail under the stress of a storm, we may recommend tree cabling systems. By installing threaded rods into the tree’s limbs and connecting them with steel cables, we can reduce the risk and extend the tree’s life.

If we see cracks, splits, or decay, we may recommend tree bracing services, which involves the installation of steel rods into the tree trunk for more structural tree support.

Don’t Risk it. Call us for a Tree Cabling & Bracing Assessment

If you notice leaning trees or other signs of damage, you can’t afford to ignore it. Contact Arbor Oaks today to see if our tree cabling systems or bracing can help your property thrive.