The Most Common Tree Issues and Tree Disease

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Have you noticed brown leaves on your tree? Or maybe the tree doesn’t appear to be growing much this year? Whether it’s a tree disease or an invasion of some unwelcome critters, it’s important to find out the problem to either save the tree or prevent it from doing damage.

It’s a good idea to call your local tree company, but in the meantime, take a look at the most common tree problems.

Oak Tree Fungus

If you live in Texas, you may have dealt with oak tree fungus. When fungi grow on trees, they can affect the overall tree health, cause disease, and even lead to their death. It’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to save a tree that has been attacked by fungi. A professional arborist can employ precautionary measures or a high-quality tree fungus treatment if necessary.

Pest Damage
As the weather warms up, pests come out to feast. The consequences can range from leaf damage to complete defoliation. If your trees are stressed after a long winter, they’re especially susceptible to attack. Hungry rabbits and deer can also injure and interrupt trees’ spread of water and nutrients.

Like all living things, trees are susceptible to disease. When a tree’s defenses are compromised, diseases like oak wilt, powdery mildew and cedar rust, can gain a foothold in the tree resulting in infection and sometimes in tree death. Proactive tree management minimizes stress and damage and thus reduces the likelihood of tree disease.

Restricted Root Space
As trees grow, their expansive roots run into obstacles as they spread beyond the canopy. Buildings, sidewalks and roadways can limit their growth. Trees that lack access to appropriate levels of oxygen and nutrients can eventually die.

Compacted Soils
A homeowner’s landscape may give way to a lot of foot traffic, lawn mowing and construction. This creates soil compaction, much of which occurs when a house is built. As a result, less water can pass through the soil, increasing the chances of runoff and soil erosion. The poor filtration may also cause water to pool on the soil surface, eventually leading to the formation of a hard crust that can hinder plant development.

Contact Arbor Oaks Tree Professionals for Damage, Disease and Tree Fungus Treatment

You can’t afford to allow tree problems to go unchecked by a professional. Certified tree care experts can evaluate the conditions, and handle any issues with efficiency and skill. This way, you can protect your trees—and property—for years to come.