In Texas, thunderstorms, winds and rain can cause severe storm damage. Tree removal, debris cleanup and removal are often a necessary part of homeownership, and you need a local tree service you can trust.

After—and Before—Storm Tree Service

Before the storm, tree service should be part of your preparation. As one of Texas’ top storm debris removal companies, we know what you need to do beforehand to help your trees and property survive the storm.

But we can’t always predict Mother Nature’s plans, and you may require storm damage tree removal or debris cleanup after the fact. You can count on us. We offer 24-hour storm tree service and scheduled debris cleanup.

What to Expect from Arbor Oaks Local Tree Service

If you call our local tree service to prep for the storm, our experts may employ pre-storm strategies such as cabling, bracing, or crown thinning to prevent limbs or trees from falling. If high winds and saturated soil conditions have caused tree roots to fail and branches to weaken after the storm, we’ll be right over.

Before or after the storm, Arbor Oaks is one of the Texas area’s top storm debris removal companies to help you.

If you’d like to hear more about our storm damage, tree removal and debris cleanup, contact us today at 512-240-6047.