Why are Professional Tree Trimmers so Expensive?

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Have you found yourself wondering why trimming trees can be so expensive? Are you curious why prices vary so much between tree companies? Professional tree trimmers get asked these questions all the time, and the answers actually make a lot of sense. If you’re considering doing the work yourself or relying on your landscapers to save some money, you’ll want to keep reading.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Trimming Trees

Just like your home, caring for your trees is an investment. Having it done the right way with the help of an expert can seem expensive, but compared with the cost of the damage large trees can do, it’s worth it. But as with most businesses, all tree companies are not created equal. If you’ve researched professional tree trimmers only to find that one charges a lot more than another, there are reasons for this – and cheaper is not always the right choice.  So, what’s driving up the cost?

Insurance and Licenses

The best professional tree trimmers are committed running their businesses with the utmost professionalism, which means abiding by laws and regulations, and remaining committed to training and education. Licensed, certified tree professionals have liability insurance and coverage that can save homeowners from costly repairs if damage by large trees occurs. Maintaining these credentials costs money, and believe it or not, some companies would rather put you at risk in order to save a buck. Surprisingly, many companies also forgo paying for workers’ compensation, the most expensive of the insurance policies that’s so important to employees. Instead, they circumvent the requirement by keeping staff off payroll and paying them as contractors.


When it comes to trimming trees, you need to have the right training and education to provide the best service. A reputable tree company will invest in continuous training and education for their employees, providing access to the highest level of safety, skill and productivity training. From methods for tree climbing to precision tree felling and chainsaw safety, a professional must always be on top of his or her skills. Plus, the training required to perform removals of large trees is far greater than that of other trades, so the salary is higher. Also, tree specialists will maintain the costs of membership and participation in a variety of professional organizations; an investment that goes a long way in building credibility.


While you may think trimming trees is a DIY task, you need the right equipment and tools to do it effectively and safely. For a professional company, that equipment can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, from fuel costs to repair and maintenance.


As you might expect, it costs more to prune or remove large trees. Obviously, it’s much easier to remove a young 10 foot tree as opposed to a 75-foot mature one. Depending on how difficult it is to access, its health and numerous other factors, the price will vary.

Emergency tree trimming

Emergency tree services are typically available 24/7, but with that peace of mind comes a price. If a tree has fallen and wreaked havoc on your house or electrical lines, the cost for emergency tree trimming is going to be more than standard service. 


Trimming trees is a fairly ubiquitous need, but the price can rise depending on the number of professional tree trimmers in your area. Due to supply and demand, a company can charge more when it’s the only tree trimming company in town. Competition keeps prices down.

While you may experience a bit of sticker shock when you’re looking for some help with pruning or if you require emergency tree trimming, it’s good to know that you’re doing what’s best for the health of your trees and your family. The results are well worth the investment.