Why You Should Leave Tree Trimming Service to the Pros

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You put a lot of thought, effort and money into beautifying your landscape, and chances are you leave the hard work to professional landscapers. But how do you handle your tree trimming service? Do you attempt to do it yourself or leave it to your landscapers? Proper tree trimming is essential to the health and beauty of your landscape, and it’s best left to professional arborists.

Top Reasons Your Tree Health Depends on Expert Care

Tree trimming service isn’t just the simple act of clipping away excess branches and limbs. It’s a complex process that requires training, knowledge and specific equipment. If attempted the wrong way by either yourself or your “lawn guys,” it can cause tree damage, property damage and even put lives at risk. Here are the top reasons to put your tree health in the hands of a professional.

Reason 1: Arborists have specific knowledge, training and equipment.

If you’re thinking about making your tree work a DIY project or leaving it to your landscapers, stop right there. Do you have a thorough understanding of the proper care for each and every tree to promote optimal tree health? Are you familiar the whens and whys of pruning specific tree varieties? Could you recognize critical tree damage like disease, pest infestation and weakened branches? You and most landscapers are not certified arborists trained and experienced in these and other areas of tree care.

When you partner with tree professionals, you have peace of mind knowing they will detect underlying issues and provide proper tree trimming. They will pick up on tree diseases and pest infestations that may otherwise go unnoticed, and can use cabling and bracing support when necessary. Professional tree companies also train their teams to operate the necessary equipment and tools with utmost safety, including ladders, lifts, stump grinders and chippers. They are keenly aware of electrical wires in the area, which is so necessary to prevent extremely dangerous situations.

Reason 2: Tree specialists will expertly analyze your trees.

Your tree health may appear to be fine, but only a certified arborist can know for sure. They will closely examine the tree and discern if it is suffering from rot, disease or any other number of problems. If it is, that tree can fall at any moment, causing physical danger to people and your property. You and your landscapers may not be aware that your tree is a threat, so it’s best to not take the risk of handling the tree trimming service without a professional.

Reason 3: Professional tree companies keep safety top of mind.

Safety is essential for you and your property. Even proper tree trimming can be unpredictable, with one wrong action endangering your life. Unskilled tree care can cause severe tree damage leading to a fallen tree, which can have devastating effects. A tree specialist will bring down the tree in the safest way possible, keeping people and properties protected. They’re also licensed, bonded and insured to ensure your tree is trimmed safely and efficiently.

Reason 4: Arborists provide fast, efficient and reliable tree trimming service.

Tree trimming is a time-consuming and complicated process. You may think that clipping a few branches is quick and easy but it takes a lot more than that. A tree specialist is backed with the proper tools and expertise to ensure your proper tree trimming takes place in a timely manner. If you aren’t an expert, you can count on it taking much longer to complete.

Because your lawn professionals are working around trees day in and day out, it’s easy to think they can handle your tree trimming service. But your tree health needs an expert touch. If you want proper tree trimming, leave it to the pros.