The Best Time to Trim Trees

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Trees survive just fine in the forest without needing to be pruned, so why do you have to prune yours? It’s a logical question. While it would be nice to not have to worry about tree growth or taking care of dead tree limbs, the fact is, your landscape depends on pruning. And unless you’re living in a tent in the forest, you’re going to want to know why.

The Perks of Pruning for Tree Growth

Part of being the envy of the neighborhood involves the proper pruning of your trees. From tree branch removal to knowing the best time to trim trees to increasing the overall value of your home, there are tons of reasons to prune your trees with a professional. Here are just a few.

Beautify your outdoor environment

Dead tree limbs or an unhealthy-looking tree can detract from your overall environment and even threaten your safety. Proper pruning can showcase the beauty of your landscape, protect your property and increase your home value. By cutting off dead limbs, taking care of tree branch removal and removing sections that are growing faster than others, your tree will enjoy renewed health and vibrancy. Just like people, proper grooming is beneficial to trees, as it enhances their shape and adds aesthetic appeal.

Encourage tree growth

That juniper tree on your landscape is sure to stand up to the harshest weather once it has been pruned properly. A professional tree service knows the best time to trim trees, and will use the right techniques to make the roots stronger. Doing this for your junipers and other trees will ultimately improve their health, help them withstand a storm and encourage new branches to grow.

Remove dead tree limbs

While the best time to prune is typically late winter or early spring before the tree opens its buds, diseased, damaged and dead tree limbs should be removed immediately. This is by far the most critical reason to hire a professional to prune your tree. Dead branches fall very easily during high winds or a severe storm, or even during ideal weather conditions. A professional knows the safest and most efficient techniques for tree branch removal. They can also better handle branches or limbs hanging over your home’s roof and others that end up growing into electric lines.

Treat disease

Just like people, your trees are susceptible to disease. With proper pruning, it’s possible for the disease to be treated, avoid spreading, leading to dead tree limbs. A professional tree specialist knows the best time to trim trees to prevent disease and help treat it when it occurs.

Boost fruit production

If your property contains trees that bear fruit, they’re going to benefit immensely from pruning.  With dead limb and tree branch removal, you promote better tree growth and health, preventing insect infestation and disease caused by dead wood. Plus, pruning fruit trees encourages the growth of spurs, which will produce fruit the following year.
Whether they’re mature or young, diseased or dead, your trees will benefit from proper pruning. If you’re curious about the best time to trim trees or what to do with dead tree limbs, contact a professional tree company. Your landscape deserves it!